Sami Kuronen and D.O. Saimaa summer kitchen in the Kenkävero garden on 11 July 2024.


  • Pursialankatu 6 50100 Mikkeli Navigate

Welcome to enjoy the summer atmosphere in the Kenkävero garden! Sami Kuronen, Finnish radio and tv personality, prepares herbal pesto in the summer kitchen together with Kenkävero's gardener. Delicious D.O. Saimaa snack bites are prepared with Kenkävero's chef for you to taste. Come and watch how pesto production progresses, taste D.O. Saimaa delicacies and chat about food with the chefs. Kenkävero Restaurant offers more taste pleasures from Saimaa region the surrounding area and treasures from their own garden. Date and time of the event: 11 July 2024 from 14:00 to 16:00