Überhund – The Fascinating Dogs of Art


  • Maaherrankatu 18-20 50100 Mikkeli Navigate

Überhund – The Fascinating Dogs of Art shows cases of dogs and their different roles in visual arts over the past 150 years in Mikkeli Art Museum. Dogs appear frequently in art, but as ordinary, everyday figures, they may often escape our attention. The Überhund exhibition, thus, presents dogs as the central objects of the viewer’s gaze. Traditionally, the role of dogs in art has been linked with protection, loyalty and partnership. They are often associated with the attributes of sentimentality and charm. In addition to the traditional themes connected to dogs, the exhibition throws light on their political roles and the ethical problems of dog breeding and examines the materiality of dogs. The touring exhibition innovated by the art historian Sonja Hämäläinen (MA) and curated by the director of Salo Art Museum, Susanna Luojus, was implemented in co-operation with Salo, Kouvola, Jyväskylä, Mikkeli and Kuopio Art Museums. The exhibition includes loans from Finnish public collections, museums, galleries, foundations and private collections. Überhund is the most extensive exhibition on dogs in art ever seen in Finland. The exhibition includes an amply illustrated publication, which provides more information and view-points on dogs in art.