Restaurant: A horse shoe maker tells stories at Kehruuhuone


  • Sun - Mon 18:00 - 22:00


  • Kristiinankatu 20 53900 Lappeenranta Navigate

Storytelling dinner that tells fictional stories from 19th century when the building itself was a women prison so called "Kehruuhuone" ( Spin room. Stories in Finnish are told by the horse shue maker who stops by into the room then and a while. Dinner includes 4 dishes and it respects local small producers. Menu Beetroot Cappucino Risotto with asparagus Pork knuckle from local meatfarm "Ikonen"; Sauce made from "Porterrier" beer by local brewery Tuju and Potatoes Financhier with Romanov Berries & Salty Toffee Soup Coffee or Tea from local "Lehmus" Coffee Roaster This product is served for groups, minimum 15 persons and it has to be ordered minimum 3 weeks earlier.