AR Time Travel to the History of Sahanlahti in Puumala


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Time travel to Sahanlahti is a story path created with the help of augmented reality in the grounds of Sahanlahti Resort. You can go on the trail when it suits you best and it costs nothing. Stop by the courtyard of Sahanlahti and get to know the past and beliefs of the area! To get a digital experience, all you need is a smartphone. It takes about 20-30 minutes to travel the Sahanlahti story trail. You get to know young Elsa, the swimmers who arrive at the rapids in the spring, the breezes brought by the steamboat from other villages. You might meet an elf guarding the sauna and the dead who roam the old morgue. Time travel is a peek into an already lost time, but the atmosphere of the stories of the past still lives on in the lands of Sahanlahti. Tips for the story path: Start the tour at Elsa's playhouse opposite the main building of Sahanlahti Resort. For the best experience, use headphones. The route is easily accessible if you go around the main building from the beach side to the other destination. To start the story, all you have to do is download the free Salmi AR app from your phone's app store and start the journey.