Arctic Kayaking Course at Lake Saimaa Puumala 29.3 – 31.3.2024


Kayaking is not only a summer sport. One can paddle in wintry conditions as long as the water is in liquid form! Winter conditions bring a wholly new dimension to kayaking. Come and try out kayaking in wintry conditions in Puumala!  During the course we will dive into the wonders and challenges of winter kayaking, but always, safety first! You can sign up for the course if you have some previous kayaking experience and are capable of the basic kayaking maneuvers: efficient forward paddling technique, you are able to paddle at least 5 km and are able to maneuver/control the kayak around obstacles . The course will be instructed by winter-paddlers and guides Juho Paaso and Sanna Korhonen. The First courses will start on fridays at 6 pm,  with a safety lecture. On Saturday and Sunday we will practice the required skills on the water and ice. At the end of the course those who wish can try the cold water rescue techniques. The courses will end on Sundays approximately at 3 pm. During the course you will learn the required skills, safety practices as well as the proper equipment in theory as well as in practice. We will send a more thorough schedule and equipment list to those who sign up. PRICE OF COURSE: 320€ (incl. VAT) Please read more and book: