Artisanal Chocolate Tasting Workshop


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Welcome to the world of artisan chocolate! Taste the unique blend of chocolate and Finnish nature: cacao from the Amazon combined with honey, dried berries and edible flowers from Finland. During the event, you get to enjoy handmade organic chocolates combined with Finnish berries and edible flowers that offer unique flavor combinations. This is a perfect blend of the prized Amazonian cacao bean and Finnish nature. At the same time, you will learn about the history of the cacao bean and the various production methods. We will be tasting various different organic chocolates from dark to light along with handmade pralines and truffles. We use products produced as close as possible, such as local honey and berry powders. All our chocolates are gluten- & dairy free. This chocolate tasting is for you if you appreciate artisan, high-quality and ethically produced chocolate. The event is run by an artisan chocolatier who will be happy to answer your questions. Suitable for private groups as well as companies. Place: Olo Center Price: 39/person Duration: 1h Number of participants: 2-15 Note: Some of the chocolates contain nuts. The products may contain traces of gluten.