Babista & Rosso Pizza Mikkeli


Restaurant Babista & Rosso Pizza is situated in Shopping center Stella. Babista is a new restaurant concept of the S group, where you can get premium kebabs. That’s why we believe in fast food evolution. That’s why we started a kebab revolution. A nationwide movement, all over Finland. Serving kebabs that are greener and fresher, crafted and creative, colorful, and credible. We are Babista, dedicated creators of a new kebab culture. So be a part of the solution. Come and join the revolution. For friends of good pizza! Rosso Pizza is a delicious part of everyday and special occasions, shopping trips, weekends – life. Pick your favourite among the Rosso Classics or something new from our Rosso Special range, and dine in or take out. And why not try our much requested pan pizzas. Welcome to try it out!