Boat trip to Lake Saimaa and wild food by the open fire


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Experience the enchanting Yövesi (part of Lake Saimaa) and the flavors of Saimaa! Our charming fishing boat Juno takes us to the lovely island location to where we sail through the beautiful lake nature of Saimaa. When we reach the destination, you have some time to tour the island with your host, pick berries or mushrooms or sit down on the cliffs to enjoy the lake scenery. If you are lucky you might even see a ringed seal of Saimaa! In the meantime, a delicious wild food meal is prepared by the fireplace. Meal consists the best flavors of the season. Ingredients are sourced locally and sustainably. A large part is collected and grown by ourselves, The fish comes from the nearby waters. In addition, we use high-quality ingredients from small producers in the surrounding area. Ask more about seasonal servings when booking. There is a toilet on the site. Campfire place is covered and and eating takes place outside. The excursion has a weather reservation. If the weather does not allow going out on the lake, we either reschedule or enjoy the meal in our old atmospheric log house. Safety instructions are followed and trained staff will transport and guide you throughout the excursion. Wildfood experience by the fire can be done also on land. Ask more when booking. Trip is available from May to autumn. Starting time of the trip can be arranged according to the season and wishes.