CARMEN, Barcelona Flamenco Ballet (Katalonia)


Barcelona Flamenco Ballet (BFB) address the ever-present myth of Carmen in their new project. This new recreation of Bizet’s work brings new elements from flamenco that were previously unknown. It goes beyond the traditional conception in which it has historically been categorised and adapts it to the reality of today’s contemporary society. The values for which Carmen is today a woman of our time and the adaptation of flamenco music and ballet with the distinctive stamp that characterises David Gutierrez, places the work in a new paradigm of the universal myth and flamenco of the 21st century. Despite the time has passed, Carmen maintains her message of freedom and courage in the face of an unequal world where women still fight for their rights. Carmen is the prototype of a woman who faces a hostile and violent male world from which she does not survive, but leaves her example for posterity. Carmen is pain, passion and a cry for freedom, feelings that flamenco art masterfully represents in its wildest and most primitive aspect. BFB tells the story written by Prosper Mérimée delving into the love affair between Carmen the gypsy and Escamillo the bullfighter. Here, too, the flamenco language is the best vehicle of artistic expression to exhibit emotions and is the perfect driving force to convey the passion of the protagonists. The show mixes the most current flamenco singing with the original music. The symphony orchestra, the operatic singing and Bizet’s music mix their more traditional sonorities with innovative touches of jazz and flamenco singing. The choreographies fuse the universes of flamenco ballet with impressive footwork and fresh influences of modern and contemporary dance. Choreography and direction: David Gutiérrez Main dancers: David Gutiérrez & Judith Martín Light Design: Gervasio Juan Sound Design: Marcos Prieto Costume Design / Producciones Gutiérrez Music: Alberto Garaggi & Iban Pérez Distribution: Jaime Trancoso, Ph.D. Flamenco Agency.