Dinner at historical Mikkeli’s Club (Mikkelin Klubi)


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The historical atmosphere and presence of Marshal Mannerheim are inevitable at Mikkelin Klubi (Mikkeli's Club) from the very moment you step through the door. Marshal Mannerheim enjoyed two daily meals at Mikkelin Klubi during the time Mikkeli served as a command center during the Second World War. History is ever present and delicious food and warm service are a matter of honor for Mikkelin Klubi. Each dining session is given a piquant touch as the Clubmaster introduces the Club and talks about its history. Mikkelin Klubi is located at the edge of the town square, the heart of Mikkeli. Go ahead and book the most memorable venue in all of Mikkeli. Mikkelin Klubi is a private restaurant. Bookings and inquiries are done through our sales service.