Experiences kayaking excursion


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Are you interested in the clear waters of a flowing river, an adventure in pristine nature, a taste of Saimaa's delicacies and relaxing early summer evenings? During a kayaking trip you will experience narrow lake stretches, winding lake heads and deep lakes. Along the route, the beaches are safely nearby. During the trip, your guide will take good care of you from start to finish and create a warm and friendly atmosphere. The tour starts from the shore of Pienen Jukajärvi in Ruokolahti. On the first day, the route is easy and sheltered on the river sections and the trip is easy. There are no big lake crossings and the route proceeds close to the shores. On the second day we paddle close to the shores on Katosselkä and when the wind picks up we also have the opportunity to take a boat to get a closer look at the Saimaa ringed seal. Our first break will be at the Mikonpolvi lodge along the Lieviskän river. By the campfire, we will enjoy a hearty lunch and authentic hotpot coffee with campfire chips. The atmosphere of the Lieviskäjoki is almost beyond words. The gently flowing bends of the river are mysterious and intriguing. Green and verdant nature at its best. From the restored rapids of the Lieviskä, we move on to the Saimaa side of the river, to the magnificent norfolk waters. After the narrow Lieviskänlahti lake section, we land at Reposenniemi, where the host couple will welcome you. On the shore of Lieviskänlahti in Reposenniemi, the host couple will welcome you.  A beach sauna and a delicious dinner will crown the day of paddling. The dinner consists of local food. You will be accommodated on the shore of Lake Saimaa in a cottage with 2-4 quadruple rooms. The next day's paddle trip on the Saimaa River takes us to the stunning nature.  Along the way we admire the rocky cliffs, natural beauty and mysterious rock paintings from the Stone Age. You will enjoy a delicious shore fish meal on a beautiful rocky beach. The day hikes are approximately 10km long.