Finnish Forest Museum Lusto | Lake Saimaa


  • Sun - Mon 12:00 - 19:00


The Finnish Forest Museum Lusto is a destination for the entire family. The national forest culture museum is located in Punkaharju, in the midst of the most beautiful landscape of ridges and lakes in Eastern Finland. Our various exhibitions offer surprising insights and different perspectives of forests for all ages. The Land of Forestfulness sheds light on the forest and forest culture from six perspectives. Forest nature highlights the forest as a complex ecosystem that functions without people. Green gold examines the forest as a raw material reserve for humans. Lifeblood tells the story of the mental well-being and health that the forest provides to people, without forgetting its economic value or the well-being of the forests themselves. Forest folk describes the significance of the forest in shaping Finnishness and identity. Valued forest initiates a discussion on values. What does the forest mean to us and other species? Forest work reveals the forest-related work, forestry professions and forestry. Special exhibitions show off new points of view to different aspects of forest culture. Lusto’s constantly alternating selection of exhibitions makes it a place to visit time and again! Visit Lake Saimaa, Lake Saimaa, Visit Savonlinna, Visit Punkaharju, Saimaa Lakeland