Forest Escape Game: Valfrid’s past


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Over 100 years ago, in one stormy midnight someone was banging the door of Niemilomat main building down with force. Behind the door there was Valfrid Nieminen, who asked to stay the night. In the morning she wanished as fast as she had arrived... That night started a chain of events, that threatened to collapse the whole family. What would you be ready to do for your loved ones? Are you with your friends up to the challenge - what happened and who was Valfrid? What made her return and finally leave everything for good? Come with your team to solve the last will of Valfrid at the forest of Niemilomat. But beware, not all information is always safe. Forest Escape Game by Niemilomat is a thrilling and fun pastime for groups in the idyllic and beautiful milieu of Niemilomat. Quaranteed adrenaline rush, thrill and feelings of success! The task for you and your friends is to solve mysteries, open locks and finally find out what happened at Niemilomat over 100 years ago! Can you solve the mystery and win the game? What other challenges will the forest lay ahead of you? Play the game and have a totally unique experience in a forest. The game is facilitated by Enigma Xperience Escape Rooms and is based on true events of the Niemilomat history. Team size 2-7 persons. Niemilomat takes you in the midst of peace and quiet in the middle of nature. Niemilomat is located at a cape surrounded by lake Saimaa, which is what Niemilomat is also named after. Come enjoy the pure nature and an environment that is well taken care of. Currently the escape game is only available in Finnish.