Four Hour dinner cruise Helsinki archipelago


Welcome to enjoy a high-class lunch or dinner in the finest luxury setting by the sea. The highlight of this cruise is a four-course dinner prepared by our private chef, which you and your group can enjoy in cozy and private surroundings, surrounded by nature. We provide the setting for you to relax and enjoy with your group, indulging in a delicious, maritime-inspired meal and our extensive selection of beverages, both during midday and sunset. This type of cruise is best suited for slightly smaller, adventure-hungry groups, and the event is excellently executed on our impressive Elegance 70. In its atmospheric conditions, we, along with our crew, ensure that each of your guests experiences a dinner that pleases the taste buds, with a generous touch of luxury as the key spice. Duration: 4 hours Price: Starting from €3790 Additional hours: €1000 Prices excluding VAT Contact Captain Janne Leinonen Phone +358 50 368 2287