Help Saimaa ringed seals during eLyly safari, talvi 2024-25


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Help Saimaa ringed seals by making a man-made snow nest to help the seals in their nesting. On this safari we ride to the site by eLyly electric snow scooters with a local seal guide, build a snow nest by snow pushers and ride back. Warm lunch included. Safaris take place in Lake Saimaa archipelago in Puumala Lintusalo Island in January. This unique winter experience is organised by Nestorinranta and LakelandGTE nature services in cooperation with Metsähallitus (Finnish authority in charge of wild-life). In February–March, the Saimaa seal gives birth to a pup in snow den (known as lair) that is dug into a lakeshore snowdrift. The mother nurses the pup in the lair, which gives shelter against predators and harsh weather conditions. The lairs are usually located at shorelines of islands and islets. The breeding success of the Saimaa seal depends on sufficient snow conditions, and during mild winters the pups are born on the lake ice without the shelter of a lair exposing the pups to predation and disturbance. In recent years, man-made snowdrifts have provided shelter for the seal pups born in winters with poor snow conditions.