Hilduri – Art Nouveau architecture, coffee, and handicrafts


Enjoy the early 1900s atmosphere in the restored former house of the municipal physician. In Hilduri, you can find a handicraft shop, a secondhand shop, and a café. The Art Nouveau or jugend styled wood house in the intersection of main road 14 and Juvantie was built in the beginning of 1910s to be a municipal physician’s house. The building got her name from Juva’s long-term physician, Joel Nuutinen’s spouse, Hildur Nuutinen. Hilduri functioned as a doctor’s house until 1970, and it has since been used as office spaces and handicrafts teaching space for a community college. Hilduri was rebuilt in its current state in 1995 to restore the style of the early 20th century. Juvan käsityöläiset ry’s pop up handicraft shop, secondhand shop and café can be found in Hilduri during summers and before Christmas. The building also contains Rajupusu Leader ry’s office.