HINTERLAND, Kauri Honkakoski Company


A GLIMPSE OF THE WASTELAND OF OUR MINDS – THE LANDSCAPE WHERE WE LIKE TO STORE OUR LONG SHADOWS. A community perseveres under dire circumstances on no man’s land, blind to the consequences of its own actions. Somewhere between life and death they curse the forces of nature and reach for mercy and freedom. A show emerging from our time, created in a timeless style, Hinterland explores painful collective themes in tragicomical tones. The show was created through the art of Corporeal Mime, a poetic and skillful form of physical theatre rarely seen in Finland. The dramaturgical starting point was a collection of sombre short stories by Samuel Beckett written immediately after the Second World War. In the spirit of Beckett, the characters in Hinterland are cruel and tender, desperate and pompous, defiant in their smallness. The award winning Kauri Honkakoski Company is known for atmospheric physical theatre shows that combine rich corporeal expression with deep human themes. Their acclaimed production The Desk won the Scotsman Fringe First Award at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019. Hinterland features the Company’s talented international ensemble. Ohjaus, dramaturgia / Director, dramaturg: Kauri Honkakoski Esiintyjät / Performers: Oona Jama, Sonja Järvisalo, Ines Kakkonen, Liv Meijer Nordgren (Se), Ruben Nagore Santandreu (Es/Fin), Freia Stenbäck, Valter Sui Äänisuunnittelu / Sound design design: Tuuli Kyttälä Valosuunnittelu, lavastus / Lighting design, set design: Sisu Nojonen Puvustus / Costume: Kauri Honkakoski, Liv Meijer Nordgren Maskeeraus: työryhmä Kuvat / Photos: Laura Vuoma