Huuha Beach – Huuhanranta


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If you are looking for a long and beautiful sandy beach on lake Saimaa, one of the best can be found in Ruokolahti - Huuhanranta (Huuha beach). A kilometer and half of fine sand located behind a high sandy ridge and with a southern exposure to lake Saimaa. Huuhanranta is ideal for a sunny day outing and perfect for kids too, being shallow and wadable quite far. The beach has also been called "Saimaa Riviera", for good reason. A lean-to, a firewood shed, a compost toilet, several fireplaces and waste containers are to be found on or near the beach for everyone to use. If arriving by boat, the best vessel is a canoe due to the shallowness of the water near the beach. Any larger boat you’ll want to anchor further away from the shore. You’ll find Huuha beach on a peninsula near Utula village. A good parking place is up on the ridge on the small sandy road starting from Kietäväläntie 372. Parking at: 61.337918, 28.394834. Please avoid driving motor vehicles down onto the beach. The nearest address is Kietäväläntie 251–372, Ruokolahti.