Kayaking / Canoeing Kolovesi National Park or Enonvesi


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Embark on a kayaking or canoeing adventure in the stunning Kolovesi National Park and experience the raw beauty of nature in a beginner-friendly way. Our guided tours offer the opportunity to explore the old untouched forests and hefty cliffs of Kolovesi in a sheltered lake environment. Take in the ancient rock paintings and, if you're lucky, spot the rare Saimaa ringed seal. Our expert guide will provide a basic introduction to paddling, gear and essential techniques, making this experience suitable for all levels of experience. Guided Lunch and coffee/tea are included. 4-5 hours = 90€ / person 7-8 hours = 135€ / person To book Call: Text or WhatsApp us: +358 401 258 992 Or Email: info@olocentre.com