Kenkävero´s Spring Menu


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Kenkävero´s Spring Menu 29€ Served at weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) from 11 am to 3 pm till 26th of May: Fresh salad DF,GF Red onion-tomato salad DF, GF Pickled local vegetables DF, GF Roasted paprika and zucchini DF, GF Carrot pate and root chips LF, GF Vicarage’s traditional potato salad (contains egg) DF, GF Engraved rainbow trout and dill oil DF, GF Toasted rye bread, smoked vendace-mousse and red onion compote DF, GF Chicken seasoned with pesto LF, GF Pulled pork appetizer from Roinila meat farm's pork LF A selection of bread from our bakery Fried fish from the local lake area, LF Grilled vegetables and potatoes LF, GF Peach curd LF, GF Meringues DF Coffee or tea Price: 29 €/person Children under twelve: 1€/year