Kolovesi National Park


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Kolovesi National Park is a peaceful and quiet destination for a wanderer. Steep cliffs remind of prehistoric times and ancient rock paintings give insights into how Finland’s early settlers lived in harmony with nature thousands of years ago. The rugged scenery of rocky cliffs and narrow lake channels is at it`s best seen from the lake, but there are also Nature trails in the wilderness -like forests of Kolovesi. A lucky canoer might encounter here a curious Saimaa ringed seal! In the winter it is forbidden to enter any of the islands in the park. Kolovesi is part of the vast labyrinthine Saimaa Lake System and also one of the purest areas of the Lake Saimaa. In nature conservation areas, everyman's rights do not apply in the normal way. Please always check the rules of Kolovesi before making your trip. National parks are nature reserves, whose key task is to safeguard biodiversity and enable people to enjoy and relax in nature on the terms of nature conservation. All national parks in Finland are managed by Metsähallitus.