Lohikoski Mill | Lake Saimaa – Sulkava


Lohikoski Mill is a natural and cultural site of the Saimaa Geopark. Lohikoski had a mill and a water sawmill from 1814 to 1911. Stone structures of the old sawmill remain on the east side of the rapids. The mill no longer grinds grain, but the small power station is still in use - electricity is produced for the national grid. The current company is Lohikoski Mylly Oy. The equipment used to grind the grain is on display and visitors can learn about its history. The old mill building, together with the other buildings and structures, is an integral and well-preserved whole, which is a national heritage site of the National Board of Antiquities. Lake Saimaa, Visit Lake Saimaa, Saimaa Lakeland, Visit Sulkava