Matikkala Cottages


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Six great and different cottages for rent in Ruokolahti At Matikkala Cottages Ruokolahti you will find four great cottages for rent. The cottages Vaahtera, Kataja, Petäjä, Sirppi, Kääpä and the large holiday villa Pihlaja invite you to a relaxing holiday in the pure nature of Ruokolahti. Downhill skiing center FreeSki is located just a few hundred meters away. Its surroundings offer incredible scenery for running and jogging and, when winter comes, for skiing, downhill skiing and even snowshoeing. Winter sports equipment can be hired from Freeski. The forests around Matikkala and ruokolahti are full of things to collect, especially in autumn. You can pick blueberries, lingonberries and cloudberries from the forest and swamp areas, not forgetting mushrooms. The beach is about 500 metres away from the cottages. There is also a private lakeside area with a grill house for the use of Matikkala Cottages guests only. Within a radius of about 5 km you will also find Ruokolahti's sports facilities, including a sports hall, sports fields and ice hockey rink. Within a radius of 25 km there are two spas, two golf courses, three bowling alleys, an ice rink, tennis courts and a football hall.