Miekankoski Cycling Trail


  • Mäntyharjuntie 52700 Mäntyharju Navigate

Miekankoski Trail is one of the most popular cycling trails in Mäntyharju. The first tarmac section takes you through the old Mäntyharju village along Mäntyharjuntie to Vihantasalmi Bridge (largest wooden bridge in Finland) and on to Miekankoski. You may have a break in Vihantasalmi service station or Miekankoski café. . Places to visit and services • Neste Vihantasalmi (service station) • Vihantasalmi bridge (the largest wooden bridge in Finland) • Miekankoski Cafe and surroundings Starting point Mäntyharju center Asematie 3, 52700 Mäntyharju NB: On a page www.mantyharju.fi/mantyharju-in-english/ you'll find a brochure in English.