Mikkeli Marketplace


Marketplace since 18th century Marketplace in Mikkeli is situated in the very heart of the Mikkeli center. Here you can find the freshiest fruits and berries, same day harvested vegetables, handmade artesan products and many cafes. In the summertime marketplace is open from 7 in the morning till late, some salesbooths are open even till 9 pm from monday to saturday. Usually cafes are open also on sundays during summerperiod 1st of June till the end of August. In every first saturday of each month there are "monthly-market" from 7 in the morning. Salesmen and -women gather to Mikkeli from surrounding cities to present large variety of marketproducts and there might be some happenings, food-tastings, music performances or other kind of entertainment also. Marketplace is known as good place to meet friends, sit down for relaxing cup of coffee or starting point for city sight seeing by foot. Under the marketplace is very large parking facility or you can find parking possibilities also from nearby streets.