Museum of Mechanical Music


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The Museum of Mechanical Music is an experience – a carnival for all the senses – which you want to experience again as if you had just stepped out of your favourite ride in an amusement park. In its own unique way, this slightly surreal “museum” is a place after which you listen to all the music differently. The ever-growing collection of more than 400 objects in seven halls of a huge building leaves no one cold. From music boxes, automatic pianos and orchestras, special and interesting pocket-sized instruments to Goliath, which weighs 5,000 kg – an “orchestrion” that creates an invisible orchestra of 75 musicians. We have it all! Here you can hear music from Mozart to Lady Gaga and in ways you never thought you would experience. A musical journey takes you from the 1850s to the present day. Come and experience the happiest, liveliest, most colorful and musical destination in Finnish tourism scene, with immersive tours which in times remind more show and circus. We offer you a break during which you’ll forget the outside world for a moment.