Oldfashioned atmosphere by lake Saimaa


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At Rantatupa by Lake Saimaa you can get into the atmosphere of old times. Rantatupa is a house built in the style of the past with modern conveniences. Rantatupa includes the main building and a separate sauna building, as well as a lots of terrace and yard. The buildings form a peaceful courtyard where you can enjoy being together and the view offered by each season. The yard is mainly in a natural state, so you may find blueberries as well as chanterelles. Rantatupa is located in Taipalsaari on the shore of clean water lake Saimaa. The large ridge of Munaluoto opens from the beach, and it is ten kilometers to the farthest opposite shore. You can relax on the terrace to the sound of the waves or in the evening admire the beautiful sunsets. The beach has a bit by bit deepening stone and sand bottom. Swimming, rowing and fishing have been popular pastimes by our guests.