Stop for a moment to admire Puumala’s Pistohiekka beach and Lietvedentie, which are among the most photographed landscapes in Finland! A causeway weaving through the heart of Lake Saimaa was completed in 1956 and the Lietvesi Bridge replaced ferry transportation in 1985. Pistohiekka has a popular former campsite are, fine natural sandy beaches and an atmospheric Finnish dance pavilion. Check out this summer’s pavilion events at Pistohiekka and Lietvesi are Saimaa Geosites There will be opened new tourism services, such as cottages, saunas and restaurant during the year 2022. Pistohiekka Beach Lietvedentie 1660 Pistohiekka Dance Pavilion Lietvedentie 1767, 52200 Puumala +358 (0)50 570 2001