Haukkavuori rock paintings in Mäntyharju


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Ancient paintings can be found along the Mäntyharju-Repovesi paddling route. The three majestic Haukkavuori sections and in Kannonkoski, the large rock rising from water, can only be reached by boat. As you approach, all the paintings are on the left and not too difficult to spot in the very steep rock face. The best image as you approach is that print of a left hand. Rock painting coordinates: Kannonalus, rock painting: 61° 20.402′ N, 26° 45.91 E Haukkavuori I, rock painting: 61° 20.134′ N, 26° 46.225′ E Haukkavuori II-III, rock painting: 61° 20.018′ N, 26° 46.413′ E You can find rock paintings also from Puukonvuori, along the Keisarinlähde paddling route. The rock paintings in the Puukonvuori area are related to the concentration of rock paintings in Eastern Finland. Read also about Puukonvuori shelter (www.mantyharju.fi/shelters-and-fireplaces)