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The summerhouse is located in Punkaharju's Vuoriniemi, on the shore of Saimaa. In addition to the main building, there's a separate sauna and a small shack on the lot. The waters are shallow and the lake bottom is hard (excellent for walking) and slightly rocky, so it's truly child friendly. Punkaharju is about 30km from the summerhouse while Imatra and Savonlinna are about 60km away. A boat cruise leaving from Savonlinna on a beautiful evening is truly an evening to remember. Särkilahti's forests house the best blueberry, raspberry and lingonberry spots in the area. There are also plenty of mushrooms to forage. There is a concrete ramp which can be used to lower or lift your own boat. The concrete ramp is located near the summerhouse, in Soininlahti. I invite you to a relaxing weekend of fishing during the fall. Don't hesitate to ask for more information or pictures of the summerhouse, I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. I welcome you to enjoy yourselves at the shores of Saimaa