Saimaankehä traditional sauna treatments


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Come and experience a unique sauna experience that will take you on a journey through time and space, revealing the true power and mysticism of the sauna. Open the door of the sauna and step into the mythical world of the Finnish sauna, where traditions are combined with ancient knowledge and rituals. This is not just a sauna; it is a gateway to another reality, where every breath of steam calls forth the wisdom of our ancestors and the magical powers of nature to support you. The Pohu Sauna (traditional sauna treatments) is used for different life situations, rites of passage, annual celebrations, pain or for relaxation and well-being. Folk healer Kyly-Sanna skilfully uses a wreath tied from various traditional herbs grown and self-picked in the Saimaa region, and prepares foot baths, enemas and herbs chosen for the situation. Our lives are like a cycle of moons with different rites of passage. These include pregnancy and birth, marriage, health care and healing, illness and death. The cycle of nature is connected through the annual celebrations, and the sauna gently accompanies us to the various celebrations. For pain and aches, the traditional sauna offers relief. Traditional saunas and sauna baths can, among other things, facilitate muscle recovery and restore joint flexibility, stimulate metabolism and surface circulation, and boost lymphatic circulation. The sauna relaxes the body and increases the secretion of hormones for pleasure. The mind calms down and stress is reduced. It also has positive health effects on heart health, blood pressure, breathing and sleep. Kyly-Sanna might even cast a spell. You are welcome to book an appointment at Miihkar's Pohu Sauna alone or in a group, or invite Kyly-Sanna to do a traditional sauna session with her attempted sauna in your own sauna. A traditional sauna is suitable for all ages and any health risk factors are discussed when booking a sauna. For more information, visit