Sauna Boat Cruise


  • Satamatie 23-25 53100 Lappeenranta Navigate

Our full service sauna boat is the first sauna raft to sail from the harbor of Lappeenranta. It is also one of the biggest sailworthy sauna rafts in all of Finland. Nearly 50 square meter interior of the raft creates an exceptionally wonderful experience for the guests at the waves of Saimaa. The raft has room for 12 guests. Facilities of the sauna raft include two flush toilets, a 26 square meter lounge, a dressing room, a spacious sauna equipped with a high quality wooden stove and a warm water shower. You can leave soap and shampoo home for you have a large selection of biodegradable toiletries at your use. On the roof of the raft you will find a 70 square meter sun deck and a gas grill. For the purpose of meetings and training events the raft has a video projector, a Bluetooth speaker and wall sockets for charging devices.