Sleep under the stars at a private lean-to shelter near Mikkeli


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Hasti lean-to shelter is located on the land of 300-year-old Tuukkala Farm 25 km from Mikkeli in the Lake Saimaa region. This traditional shelter is guaranteed to give you a perfect night’s sleep on a straw mattress surrounded by the purest nature. After your evening swim, you can take in all the peace and quiet around the campfire and jump in your sleeping bag for the sweetest dreams. In the morning, your breakfast will be served in the farm kitchen 1 km away from the shelter. You will get to hear stories of farm life from days gone by whilst enjoying breakfast made from ingredients sustainably grown on the farm. The lean-to shelter sleeps 1-4 and is easily accessible by car and public transport. This experience is suitable for all ages and no prior experience is required. The price includes bedding, sleeping bags, towels and water bottles. The shelter has firewood and we will help with setting the fire if needed. There is a traditional coffee pot and griddle pan for the campfire and mosquito nets for the bed. The shelter has an outdoor toilet. Tämä on yksi Päämajasi Saimaalla -tuotteista.