Smoke sauna in Sahanlahti Resort, Puumala at the Lake Saimaa


  • Sun - Mon 14:00 - 23:00


  • Lietvedentie 830 52200 Puumala Navigate

Relax in the steam of a genuine smoke sauna The Artturi sauna building has a cosy smoke sauna on whose benches you can experience an ancient sense of tranquillity. The smoke sauna can be heated all year round and will make a nice addition to your company's overnight meeting or a night out with friends. In addition to the smoke sauna, you can rent the hot tubs on the terrace for your private use. You will also have access to a shower and changing room. You can also book Artturi's modern lounge, which is equipped with a beverage refrigerator, fireplace, video projector, karaoke equipment, and a set of tables and chairs. Sauna-time it's ~2 hours and it's price is 320 €.