Snowshoeing – Experience The Winter of Saimaa


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The Nordic winter invites you on a journey of rebirth. In the beginning, everything falls asleep as the cold lays its wreath on the land and the sun only occasionally reminds us of its presence. The prevailing stillness is bound to shape anyone who wanders across the tranquil scenery. As winter progresses, life awakens from rest. Light suddenly pours in, and the ramifications can be witnessed everywhere, not only in the surroundings but deep within the psychosomatic complex that is us. Snowshoeing is a beginner-friendly way to soak in the spirit of the northern winter and allow it to reform the winter that lies within us. Price & Duration Half-day trip (3-4h) - 65€ / person - Coffee/tea + small delicacies included Full-day trip (5-7h) - 95€/person - Lunch included