Somatic Sound Journey


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Somatic Sound Journeys are a unique combination of an immersive sound experience with an embodied listening practice. The immersive sonic landscapes used involve a variety of nature sounds and acoustic music recorded three-dimensionally. Music and sound elicit emotive and intuitive associations that can be felt physically, opening up a space to train somatic awareness. Somatic Sound Journeys were created by somatic educator Catarina Brazão and composer Markus Pesonen with the intention of learning to feel the body by observing and exploring ourselves in relation to sound. You are invited to use the experience for somatic processing of sensations, emotions or any information that is produced by the impact of the sound in the body. It’s a form of active listening that deepens self-awareness and the connection to the “soma” — the felt body. Every journey is unique. Its composition is created in the moment. Markus spent many years recording sounds, playing different instruments and composing several tracks that are now the sonic material for the journeys. The experience is accompanied by a blindfold mask that enables total darkness even with open eyes. A holographic speaker system is also used, balancing our hearing and thus bringing a sense of deep centredness. The intention behind it is to support each participant in accessing and surrendering to their bodily sensations and inner movie.