Spend a night in a former cowshed Riitan Parsi


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In 1934 the great grand father of the entrepreneur of Niemilomat built the old cowshed of the family farm to replace the former cowshed that had burned in a fire. Farm animals lived in the cowshed until the 1960's. After that the cowshed was empty more than 40 years until it was reclaimed as a dressmaker's shop and a souvenir shop. In 2011 the building was transformed into a comfortable accommodation. Riitan Parsi comprises a living room, three bedrooms, a spacious loft and a modern kitchen. The facility accommodates up to 10 people, and it has an electric sauna and a small pool to take a dip in. The sauna is connected to Lake Unnukka, which is also available for swimming. The surface area downstairs is 115 m², and the loft measures approximately 28 m². Guests have access to an outdoor barbeque area as well as a rowing boat. Pets are welcome to Riitan Parsi and there is a free wifi available. Niemilomat takes you in the midst of peace and quiet in the middle of nature. Niemilomat is located at a cape surrounded by lake Saimaa, which is what Niemilomat is also named after. Come enjoy the pure nature and an environment that is well taken care of.