Sulosaari island – A peaceful nature destination in the center of Savonlinna Lake Saimaa


Sulosaari is a sweet small island near the center of Savonlinna, behind Kasinonsaari (Casino island), which is mainly surrounded by an easy-to-reach nature trail of about 2 km. During a relaxing walk, you may even come across a Saimaa ringed seal basking on a rock. On a warm day, you can take a dip in the clean waters of Lake Saimaa. The history of Sulosaari is strongly linked to the Casino island spa. The spa was completed in 1896, and as the number of customers increased, more accommodation facilities were built on the Casino Islands, e.g. the villas Suruton and Kalliolinna and bridges between islands. Also other villas were built on Sulosaari, the ruins of which can be seen along the nature trail. Today there are signs on the ruins telling the history of the area and the villas on site. The casino islands have also been called the Happy Islands and the area has been described as a fairytale kingdom; glorious and abundant. The spa was not just for the sick, but was promised to bring peace and rest to anyone who needed it. Today, Sulosaari is a favorite place for the townspeople, a soulful landscape where you can go to relax and enjoy the same peace and nature as the guests of the spa in the past. Lake Saimaa, Visit Lake Saimaa, Visit Savonlinna, Saimaa Lakeland