Suuri-Valkiajärvi cottage


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The lakeside cottage has a wonderful, traditional and large sauna, which warming with trees. Even 10 people can enjoy a wonderfully gentle steam bath at a same time. From the sauna terrace, you can go directly to the pier and go to swim in the clear and clean water. In the dressing room has a fireplace, heating stove, oven, a fridge and dining table. You can also bunk down in the sauna room on the double sofa bed. The terrace is furnished for six people. The main cottage has a small kitchenette, a gas stove and basic crockery. The cottage is warmed by with two fireplaces. The cottage has two sofa beds, so it can accommodate four people. Electricity is generated by solar panels, so please note the weather reservation. The cottage does not have running water, drinking water must be brought to the cottage itself. We respect the spirit of the old wilderness cottage and do not miss all the modern conveniences of the cottage.