Good mood Birdhouses! Birdhouses that have been mounted on trees in Savonlinna bring a smile to the faces of residents and visitors alike. They were made by cemetery worker Marko Ruuskanen, who created his first unique birdhouses ten years ago. This self-taught folk artist, known for his love of nature and culture, is inspired by the themes of eternity, angels and love, and this love is manifested as heart motifs in his works. You can do a tour of the birdhouses however you like and in the order of your choice. Pause and observe the birdhouses, many of which are linked to the fascinating history of Savonlinna. During your tour, you may also spot more birdhouses than just those marked on this map. For example, if you want see more, in Savonlinna's Talvisalo cemetery alone, you can find more than 80 different birdhouses. Keep an eye on the trees to see what is hiding there!