TAVERNA STORIES, Kabaret Kalashnikov (Germany)


„Taverna Stories“ The setting is – where else – the Taverna of Hoodlivnitz, where we meet all kinds of characters in the course of the evening: Nobody wants to know how the innkeeper distils his vodka, and no one would dare to ask him! He’s assisted by his daughter, his pride and joy. One day she will take over the bar – at least that is his plan… The eccentric mayor is of course a regular at the taverna, because where else could he present himself? Especially today, when there is supposed to be a spectacular surprise! It could be a really round evening, if it wasn’t for the appearance of the commissioner. “Taverna Stories” is told with exhilarating artistry and absurd comedy: An energetic show driven by infectious Balkan beats, vodka and the ensemble’s passion for variety! A fantastic mixture, a wild spectacle that will not leave any eye or throat dry! The ensemble consists of six performers who master a wide range of disciplines: Contortion, hula hoop, handstand, partner juggling, diabolo and Chinese pole. All these ingredients are then garnished with live music and freak show elements. Näyttämöllä / The Casr: Merlin Pohse, Roc Roc-It, Sophia Drgala, Andrew Parkin aka Andy Snatch Anaelle Molinario, Yann Manske aka DJuggledy