Tertti manor summer take away, summer 2024


Tertti manor's summer's take away menu contains the best delicacies of the manor restaurant's summer table selected and prepared by our chef. The take away -menu includes flavor pairings from appetizers to dessert. The menu is enough for one person for the whole weekend, plenty for two people for a meal, and four people get a tasty base for a delicious moment, which can be supplemented with your own traditional summer delicacies. Tertti Manor's summer take away menu includes: 100g Smoked buckwheat pate and dill seeds L, G 30 g Grandma's cucumber M, G 30g Glassmaker's pike M, G 75g Currant leaf-gravel salmon M, G 25 g Sprucespring sauce M, G 75 g Alder-smoked salmon M, G *** 100g Peas, homemade feta & mint L, G 100g Barley salad from own field barley V 100g Summer potato salad V, G 100g Early cabbage slaw V, G 100g Spicy zucchini V, G *** 30g of vegan salami V 50g Cauliflower ceviche V, G 30 g Kale pesto V, G 30g Spicy harissa dip V, G *** 75g Smoked highland beef M, G 20g Carrot chimichurri M, G 75g Pheasant, pistachio, lemon and parsley M, G 75g Lamb pate L, G 25g Truffle aioli V, G *** 2 pcs Strawberry panna cotta L, G 2 pcs Rhubarb, vanilla and oats V, G 2 pieces of cake and twisted pipe foam L *** Price €99 / menu Order menu online, by phone 015 176 012 or email tertti@tertinkartano.fi. Available 22.6.-10.8.2024.