THINGS TO DO, Tekemistä ry


In a small town at the Finnish-Russian border the future seems insecure. Still, local teenagers are dreaming, testing and searching their own ways. Growing up in a desolating city includes a question of staying and leaving. Things to Do is a documentary film about Finnish South Karelian adolescents and hobbies. For one year it follows 14-to-21-year-olds , who fill up their free time with different activities; one loves theater, the other aims at being a top athlete and the third has a YouTube channel about caring baby dolls. Life is also about to change; some are leaving while others are staying. The film is a window to the life of a 2020’s teenager in a small town at the Western world’s border and the various meanings of having a hobby. The documentary project is produced by Tekemistä ry, an Imatra based association. It is a collaboration between local teens, youth workers and art professionals. The project started in 2022 and ends in 2024. It is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and with the support of Leader Kärki and the European Agricultural Fund. MAKERS: Teens in front of the camera:: Iida Ahtiainen, Nelli Anttonen, Emmi Hiltunen, Anna-Maria Riaikinen, Sandra Strömberg, Tiia Tentke, Annika Tisler, Lauri Vakkilainen Teens behind the camera: Iida Ahtiainen, Anna-Maria Riaikinen, Annika Tisler, Emmi Hiltunen, Vlad Punkka, Pauliina Dahlgren Director: Pietu Wikström Assistant Director: Lauri Haltsonen Script: Pietu Wikström, Jani Kautto, Lauri Haltsonen Managing Producer: Elina Kukkonen Producer: Emmi Korhonen Production Assistants: Sandra Strömberg, Linda Ahtiainen, Krista Nordberg, Tomi Pitman Marketing Coordinator: Oona Jakku Marketing Assistants: Sandra Strömberg, Krista Nordberg Cinematographer: Jani Kautto Editor: Jani Kautto