Traditional finnish sauna with local host


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Experience traditional lakeside sauna and magnificent nature of Lake Saimaa! The Finnish sauna is a place where the mind rests and the body relaxes. Throughout the ages, the Finns have cared for their health in the sauna. Enjoying a sauna is holistic, preventing and vitalizing self-care. We Finns still believe in old saying that sauna is a poor man’s pharmacy. This sauna experience is the joint result of several senses. It connects authentic natural elements, such as wood, water, fire, and traditional natural materials. For example, a sauna whisk made of birch branches and its smell, hissing sound when the water hits the sauna stoves, steam spreading in the air and the warm touch of ‘löyly’ – spirit of the finnish sauna, surrounds you gently. Sauna is also a social event where everybody can join. A good sauna experience is like a little journey and we are guiding you through the whole experience. From chopping the wood to finally going to ‘löyly’ and enjoying a tasteful meal after sauna. During the heating and dinner you’ll hear stories about finnish sauna culture and how to enjoy sauna comprehensively. After sauna it is lovely to cool down on the terrace, admire the sunset or take a last cooling dip into the clear lake water. When autumn comes and evenings are darker the terrace is illuminated with thousands of stars.  SAUNAS: Traditional lakeside sauna and floating raft sauna made mainly from recycled materials. Depending on a group size one or both are heated. EXPERIENCE INCLUDES: Towels and washing liquids, sauna whisk and one other nature based treatment (such as peat mask, peeling, footbath or warm wraps for shoulders), refreshing drinks throughout the experience, sauna-dinner using the best seasonal ingredients straight from the surrounding nature.