The nationally significant built cultural environment of Old Varkaus tells a story, and many of the plot twists are not revealed at first glance. Wandering in Old Varkaus brings the stories to life. You can take the experience tour in the traditional way with just a paper map, which are available in museums and tourism companies. However, by using the free Salmi AR application with headphones either on a smartphone or tablet, you get the best experience. The augmented reality (AR) content is activated anywhere, when you scan the pictures on the map with the application. The audio content is activated in the application only when the location is near. The experience tour is available in English and in Finnish, and can be visited all year round. The length of the route is about 3.5 kilometers, starting from the Varkaus city hall and ending in Kosulanniemi residential area. It is good to reserve about an hour for the tour. In addition to the pictures and texts contained in the paper map and signposts, Wandering in Old Varkaus includes animated videos, 3D modeling and audio narration. The Salmi AR application works on most mobile devices, even without an internet connection, when the content package is downloaded to the device.