War Hurts Everybody – Treasures from the Finnish Wartime Photo Archive 15.6.–26.8.2023


During the Second World War (1939–1945), hundreds of artists and information professionals served in the Information Company of the Finnish army. They went to war not only with conventional weapons, but also with pens, cameras and brushes. A "new type of weapon" was also developing in Finland from propaganda and art as part of it. With the right kind of information, the will to fight was maintained at the front, but above all, faith was cast in the justification of one's cause at home. The exhibition "War Hurts Everybody" presents the inhumanity of war with the touching images of IC-photographers. The exhibition's material has been compiled by the Center's board members Olli Jaatinen, Pasi Räsämäki, Heli Seppänen and Simo Väisänen. Artist photographer Olli Jaatinen has edited the material into an exhibition. The exhibition is a tribute to all circa 50 IC-photographers who put their lives on the line in dangerous frontline conditions.