Winter accommodation experience on an eco-raft in Ristiina, Mikkeli.


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UHKUAS RAFT ACCOMODATION AND SAUNA ON LAKE SAIMAA CREATES AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE ALSO IN WINTER! In winter the nature invites you to step outside. At it's best, lake ice twinkles and everything is bright and white if sun shines. And at night, on a cloudless moment, the dark sky is spotted by stars. Light pollution from the cities does not reach here. We will warm the cottage for you, but you are responsible for maintaining the fire during your stay. A small wood stove in the cottage will keep you warm and with stove you can also cook. However, if you want to enjoy local food, you can order our food baskets delivered to the raft. Handmade from ingredients by nearby forests, waters, our own garden and farms. Local, fresh and delicious, guaranteed! The contents of the baskets will be told you before arrival. The contents vary according to the season. Breakfast basket for two 40 €, dinner basket 60 €. You can heat the sauna whenever you want. During the sauna you can take a dip in 'the hole in the ice' if you dare and afterwards enjoy a drink in the warmth of the cottage. Book your accommodation or ask more info by sending an email to or book directly online. In winter, the rafts (accommodation and sauna) are connected to each other at the lake shore so it's easy to get to the rafts and from the cottage to the sauna. Briefly about the accommodation: - Pets are welcome - 120 cm wide double bed (extra bed not available in winter). - Composting toilet - No electricity or running water (we supply drinking water) ACCOMMODATION PRICE 1 night 185 € (= max. 2 persons). Minimum stay 2 nights. FOR WINTER BOOKINGS, WE OFFER THE POSSIBILITY TO USE SNOWSHOES FREE OF CHARGE FOR THE DURATION OF YOUR STAY. We will give you tips on good routes and nature spots in the area. Why not take snowshoes with you on a trip to Astuvansalmi for example? The Astuvansalmi rock paintings are only about 10 kilometers from Uhkua and are a great day trip destination!