Explore the mire landscape of Hämmäauteensuo. The duckboards will take you across the mire to a lean-to shelter. Return by walking around the mire, along a shorter or longer trail. The smell of a mire and cranberries creeping on peat moss... Hämmäauteensuo is an exciting destination for families with children. There are illustrated information boards at the destination. The starting point is the parking area by Viipurintie Road, where you can find the first information board. The distance to the lean-to shelter is about 1 km, across the mire along the duckboards. You can light a campfire at the lean-to shelter. Return along either edge of the mire: along a shorter trail (about 1 km) or a longer trail (2 km). The longer trail takes you to an old spruce forest and winds along a gravel road back to the starting point. Hämmäauteensuo has been protected under the Nature Conservation Act and it belongs to the national Mire Conservation Programme. However, you are allowed to pick berries and mushrooms on the mire and the area may also be used for teaching. It is safest to hike along the duckboards and you also help to save the sensitive mire landscape.