The beautiful Rantaraitti lakeside route traces the shores of Lake Saimaa and is within easy reach from Lappeenranta city centre. You can access the 14.8 km route from various points, and the route takes the occasional detour away from the shoreline. The main route from Myllysaari beach to Tervahaudanpuisto park in Skinnarila is about 10 kilometres. The lakeside route is a highly unique natural attraction, where the visitor can admire magnificent views over Lake Saimaa and experience diverse and lush groves with areas of stony shore walls. Many animal species live along the route, such as the flying squirrel, the white-backed woodpecker, the lesser spotted woodpecker, the golden oriole, as well as different bat species. In addition, there are 13 nature-themed signboards along the route, providing information on the area’s forest, trees and vegetation. The lakeside route is lit, but it is not maintained in winter.